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Api Development

API is an abbreviation of Application Programming Interface. It is a new buzzword across the
different platforms of web development and facilitates effective communication between several
web services. If you are in need of seamless integration of web services with other applications, effective API services can bring you the right solutions.

Developing APIs is definitely challenging but at the same time, extremely rewarding as well. We love to challenge our potentials and creative spirit every time you entrust us with a new API project. At ABC, we are always busy with our creative works that also reflect the signature of our technical skill. We develop high-performing APIs that can effectively deal with a larger amount of traffic for your mobile as well as web applications.

The conjugal life of our creative firework and technical knowhow for API projects is available in the following areas:

  • Payment API
  • Shipping API
  • Social Networking API
  • Authentication API
  • Phone Verification API

Payment API

Booming popularity of online shopping has boosted demand for easier and more secured way of navigation and simplified payment APIs. It authorizes payments for online businesses and retailing. At ABC, we develop payment APIs to protect your card information to ensure secured
transaction between portal merchants and card holders.


With introduction of mobile phones, running business has got a new character which is called mobility. You can now deal with every aspect of your business even while being on fly. Here at
ABC, we create SMS APIs to allow you to stay in continuous touch with your end-users and staff anytime round the clock and even when you are at your office desk.

Shipping API

Shipping is integral to a number of web portals of the online stores. We integrate intuitive, effective, unique and scalable shipping APIs directly into enterprise systems and websites. Our experts, energetic and creative professionals ensure enhanced customer support and service through integrated shipping APIs which also inflates business profits.

Social Networking API

Social networking is a trend and business enterprises are now set to make the most of it. According to research, the businesses capitalizing on cutting-edge marketing technique and tools are enjoying more profit. Our skilled developers create social networking APIs to get your business more recognition and responses from users around the globe.

Authentication API

These APIs are of two types – API Key access and OAuth. The first one is used for in-house apps while the later is utilized to enhance security. Our developers are not short on skill and can create both types to facilitate achievement of your goal.

Phone Verification API

It plays a crucial role in preventing online frauds. Our phone verification APIs projects will make it sure for you that your clients are not spams but real people. We will assist you in reducing fraudulent online activities including monetary transactions and that earns you trust from target customers.

Why Us?

Curiosity is not a bad thing if it stokes up creative firepower. Our professionals are gifted with both qualities and that manifests itself in our unique project work. Ignoring us for your API works means you will miss the followings:

  • Dedicated work & excellent delivery
  • On-time project completion
  • High expertise and rich experience in API developments
  • Unique and effective works
  • Work in line with trend and customers’ requirements
  • Quality service at pocket-comfortable price

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