Features & Benefits of PHP Development

Dynamic website development is high on demand. To cope with the increasing demand meter,several open source platforms are extensively used throughout the globe and PHP is one of them. There are several advantages of working on PHP, which has made it an ideal development language for the developers. Why PHP? With PHP, it becomes easier […]

Advantages of iPad Application Development

Emergence of iOS platform has almost forced the business houses to bring a sea change in their marketing treatment. Traditional marketing strategies are almost pushed to the corner, making a way for the rising possibility on the horizon, which can be achieved through adoption of evolving approaches towards business growth and development. Business firms are […]
india kite festival

Kite flying in Gujarat – A Festival of Fun, Fantasy and Colours

Ahmadabad, fondly nicknamed as ‘Manchester of India’, is a city in Gujarat. It has been hosting International Kite Flying festival since 1989. Preparation is underway much before the festival day when the city witnesses fervour pitch and passion riding to a new high in the presence of thousands of kite fanatics. It is just like […]
iPhone application

iPhone Application Development – How It Benefits Travel Industry

Are you aware of the fact that nearly 75% of travelers own smart phones? And they never leave their phone at home while going out for a vacation, which was a practice when handsets were ‘in’ thing and internet was still not available on these. Holidaying means enjoying a wonderful spell with family and they […]
iPad applictaion development

Recipe of Successful iPad Application Development

These days, it is a growing trend for the business houses to develop applications on iPad platform. And plenty of companies are there to offer such services. Some are best whereas some are worst. And there are many who are mediocre. And it is the process of development that makes all the differences between the […]
Successful Development on PHP Platform

Some Tips for Successful Development on PHP Platform

PHP has emerged as one of the most popular scripting languages worldwide. It is mainly used for creating websites and much liked by the developers owing to flexibility, ease of use and several other benefits that it offers to the creators. Several popular websites are developed on PHP language. If you want to build a […]

Why iPhone Is a Good Platform to Develop Applications

Since the arrival of iOS6, there has been an overwhelming increase in the number of iPhone users. The users who already own iPhone 4 are quickly getting software upgrade to the latest versions – obviously to stay aligned with the most advanced features. iPhone has always been most popular with the users as well as […]
Custom iPad Application

Get multi purpose custom iPad apps from our lab

Photography is a hobby of the Gen Y. It is a fast-growing popular art. The subtle beauty of photographs is highlighted through editing and reediting. iPad users are in the habit of clicking snaps on the move. Using cutting-edge apps, the iPad users can easily edit and reedit photos. If you want more than what […]
php web development

Latest PHP Development Trends

Most of the web developers have thorough understanding of PHP-based scripting language and what important role it serves for programming purpose. Keeping with the trend, web development companies have started offering scripting services. Growing popularity of PHP can be put down to the facts that it is highly effectual and affordable. Furthermore, the extent of […]

Role of iPhone apps in growth and development of healthcare industry

Healthcare is a thriving industry to capitalize on mobile technology using innovative iPhone applications. With increasing reliance on the use of iPhone apps, smartphones are in full swing of transforming million lives. The data of surveys on the market of iPhone apps in the healthcare sector reveal that the net worth of mobile healthcare apps […]