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Why iPhone Is a Good Platform to Develop Applications

Since the arrival of iOS6, there has been an overwhelming increase in the number of iPhone users. The users who already own iPhone 4 are quickly getting software upgrade to the latest versions – obviously to stay aligned with the most advanced features. iPhone has always been most popular with the users as well as developers.

Considering surging popularity of iPhone, the professionals have developed thousands of applications. A common question often asked by the customers is why they should choose iPhone as a platform for customizable application development. Here are a few reasons to meet their queries.

iPhone Rocks: You know there are several smartphones in the market but iPhone is unarguably the king of all. More than 8milion sets of iPhone have already flown off the shelves in showrooms and the trend has not slowed down. If you are a businessman, iPhone is a wonderful option to make and market your specific applications which can present your online venture in a better way to your clients worldwide.

SDK Feature: SDK is a wonderful feature available with iPhone. This is easy to download and allows you to develop and market your customizable applications on the Apple App Store. This kit provides you with all the necessary toolkits to create iPhone compatible applications. And if you are not a pro in developing apps, there are several companies working in this niche, which will be ready and happy to give you a hand.

iPhone Apps Popular: There are multipurpose uses of iPhone apps. These can be used to surf the internet perform important tasks and even have some fun. iphone is not just a phone, it has more to offer, most of which will be a big miss on other handsets. Given its widespread popularity, it won’t be wrong to say that iPhone has become a part and parcel of customers’ life and this number is high on rise.

However, as a user, you should be aware of the restrictions as imposed by Apple in regards to development and running of applications. Here are those restrictions that you must keep in mind before considering iPhone application development.

  • The most important restriction as put down by Apple is the users are not allowed to run two applications simultaneously.
  • iPhone does not allow you to run any third party application in the background.
  • Compatibility issues regarding iOS version surface up sometimes. If you have developed an application on a particular iOS version, you should put in some extra effort so that it can run on other iOS versions as well.
Custom iPad Application

Get multi purpose custom iPad apps from our lab

Photography is a hobby of the Gen Y. It is a fast-growing popular art. The subtle beauty of photographs is highlighted through editing and reediting. iPad users are in the habit of clicking snaps on the move. Using cutting-edge apps, the iPad users can easily edit and reedit photos. If you want more than what the existing photo-editing iPad apps offer, go for custom application development. Custom iPad apps for photo editing will empower you with sharp photo editing features. Our iPad apps will help you not only edit photos but also communicate your viewpoints.

Invitation cards are no more traditional. With digitalization, invitation cards for any occasion have become revolutionary in designs, backdrop themes, color combination, etc. Ipad users can easily design and customize invitation cards and messages using apps on their phones. We design and develop custom iPad apps for businesses that need to send corporate party invitations to their clients in most times of the year. Event management companies in particular need iPad apps for invitation card design and customization.

With the growing use of YouTube, video shooting, video editing, and video publishing are part of digital marketing. The quality of videos depends on the way the videos are edited. The iPad using travelers and journalists are in the habit of shooting videos on the move. In the era of real-time news and social media updates, they edit and publish video clips immediately. Flawless editing makes the video subject more appealing and interesting. Our custom video editing apps make it possible for iPad users. Our dedicated iPad application developers provide powerful custom apps.

Wondering what to gift your customers and clients this Christmas? How is the idea of gifting an app to those who use iPad devices? Try the idea. They would love it. The app can be a social media sharing tool, or a picture editing tool, or a video editing tool, or a collage creating tool, or a music creating app, or a file sharing tool. The app can serve any purpose. It would be better if you can conduct a survey on what kind of iPad app your customers or clients would like to have. We will help you celebrate Christmas with your customers and clients through iPad app gifting.

We at Infinium Infotech are a team of dedicated iPad application development experts with specialization in custom app development. No matter, whatever purpose you need an iPad app for. Just specify your requirements to us, and we will work on it. Our iPad application development service is a value for money service.

php web development

Latest PHP Development Trends

Most of the web developers have thorough understanding of PHP-based scripting language and what important role it serves for programming purpose. Keeping with the trend, web development companies have started offering scripting services. Growing popularity of PHP can be put down to the facts that it is highly effectual and affordable. Furthermore, the extent of ease with which HTML can be embedded with PHP also makes the language a highly preferred choice for the web developers. Despite an advanced punch, PHP is undergoing multi layers of evolution in the following aspects.

User-Friendly Interface: Nowadays, the users prefer websites featuring ease of use and navigation. Those days are passé when websites were all peepers and no salt. Scope of image optimization has switched website designing in favour of a perfect balance between info-images and texts. Compelling and relevant images, to delight of target audience, complement the textual impacts. Website design is a dynamic concept and emphasis on image introduction has definitely made the look much engaging, smart, professional and effective.

Interactive Web Design: It is a simple rule that if you want to stay afloat in a competitive field like PHP web programming, you need to be open to adoption of the latest strategies. It is important to keep up with the pace and race, implementing latest developments in the spectrum of PHP technology.

Social Media bang has also left increasing influence on website designing. All these evolved strategies have made websites more interactive, impactful and responsive. A more advanced and rich feature set in PHP now allows the users to integrate other social media services including email, Facebook, Twitter, networking, online shopping cart and many more. Website designing is also made compatible with smart phones and tablets, thanks to more advancement in PHP scripting language.

Flash: Flash is almost a new kid on the block when it comes to web development. Increasing clicks on gaming websites has driven popularity of Flash-based images and game development by a few notches. It adds to online interactivity and overall look of a website. Most importantly, it offers a 3D experience which is more entertaining for the users. Flash is also a suitable tool for QOS.

Among other important trends in PHP web development, the most mention-worthy is Parallax scrolling. This tool is used to apply special effects in movies and games. It has a Fixed Header Bar that saves the users’ energy and time while scrolling up and down a website page.


Role of iPhone apps in growth and development of healthcare industry

Healthcare is a thriving industry to capitalize on mobile technology using innovative iPhone applications. With increasing reliance on the use of iPhone apps, smartphones are in full swing of transforming million lives. The data of surveys on the market of iPhone apps in the healthcare sector reveal that the net worth of mobile healthcare apps for smartphones will hit 400 million dollars by the year 2016.

Consistent connect between patients and care takers

Exclusively designed healthcare apps for iPhone devices facilitate consistent communication between patients and care service providers. Smooth communication leads to an emotional attachment between them. Using these apps, the care takers can be in the know of their patients’ wellbeing at anytime of the day. It makes patients feel happy, valued and important. This is how iPhone healthcare apps facilitate improvement of care-taking services, the image of care takers, and the reputation of healthcare organizations.

Real-time communication for mental support

Patients connected through iPhone apps can communicate and help out each other in real time. It facilitates the talk about improvement of symptoms, dosage of medicine, progress of health among them. Using apps, they can discuss their problems and solutions. Thus, the patients support each other mentally through connect and communication streamlined by iPhone apps.

Alerts and reminders about appointments for checkup

Healthcare applications for iPhone put all necessary information about health and wellness organizations including hospitals as well as clinics at patients’ fingertips. It arms them with requisite details such as contact numbers, locations, and visiting hours of doctors and their clinics. Patients can receive reminders about their appointments with doctors, and alerts on the day that checkup is scheduled.

Access to health articles and fitness tips

Using iPhone apps for healthcare, patients can access health and fitness articles on the Web. They can educate themselves about the possible or available treatment of diseases. Using the apps, they can share useful wellness apps with other patients in their networks. Even online health magazines are accessible to them via apps.

Connect discharged patients with hospitals

Healthcare applications are boon for the discharged patients. Using a healthcare app on their iPhones, they can keep in touch with their physicians, and the hospitals where they have been treated. They can update the medical advisors about their daily health condition. They can receive instructions about medication, too. iPhone apps help care takers, doctors and medical advisors keep track of the profiles of the discharged patients.

With focus on the role of iPhone applications in the growth and development of healthcare industry, we at Infinium Softech offer cutting-edge iPhone app development services.


Some Major Improvements in PHP 5.5.0 to Help Web Developers

PHP 5.5.0 has arrived with a slew of new fixes and features. The new version shows marked improvement on the previous launches. This article details some most important improvements of the new release to help the web developers in multiple ways. One major difference is support for Windows 2003 and XP has been dropped in 5.5.0.

Generators are available

Generator offers a simple way to repeat the same data without requiring the developers to write a class through implementation of Iterator interface. Like other functions, a generator is also defined by a function keyword but unlike the normal functions which usually sends back a result only once, a generator can return as many results as required by using yield keyword. You can use a foreach loop to repeat a string of data without having to build up a block of array, which will reduce usage of memory as well as processing time.

‘Finally’ keyword added

‘Finally’ keyword addition refines the mode of how PHP deals with exception handling. Like many high level language, PHP enables you to cover up the code in a try and catch block. Any exception within the try block will be transferred to catch block code for handling. This ‘finally’ keyword lets the developers define a block of code, which is to be placed after the catch block and executed after try and catch blocks, no matter if an exception is was thrown or not.

Empty() function accepts an expression

Empty() function is used to determine if a variable is empty or contains a value equal to false. With the release of PHP 5.5.0, this function will now accept an expression and decide if the variable returned by the expression is empty.

Addition of Support for Zend Optimiser+ opcode cache

PHP 5.5.0 features another new addition – Zend Optimiser+ opcode cache. It is a new OPcache extension. OPcache makes improvement on script performance by removing any requirement for PHP to load and parse a script whenever it receives a request. This is done by getting precompiled script bytecode stored in shared memory.

GD library contains new features

PHP’s GD extension is now armed with another responsibility of creation and manipulation of images. These include imagecrop() and imagecropauto() functions for advanced cropping support, imageflip() function for flipping support and imagewebp() and imagecreatefromwebp() for WebP read and write support.

Foreach loops support non-scalar keys

When a foreach loop is used to iterate through an array, element keys can have a non-scalar value, which is other than a string or an integer.