iOS 7 – 5 good and great features

By Infinium On September 23, 2013

iOS 7, the latest release from Apple’s store, has received a mixed response. There are some positive reviews in praise of the app, while some negative reviews have gone criticizing the app for not fulfilling the user expectations. However, we have discovered and experienced 5 great features of iOS 7. We have explained why these features are good for users, below.

Increase readability and contrast of fonts

The users having a little bit poor eyesight may find problem with readability of the thin fonts on bright backgrounds that iOS7 app features. Some user reviews are critical about this downside of the new design. With a solution there to fix the problem, it is not a disadvantage. Go from ‘Settings’ to ‘General’, then to ‘Accessibility’. Touch the tab for ‘Bold Text’ to enlarge the font size. You can increase the contrast by touching the button below. Then, restart the iPhone. Once it is restarted, you will find reading easy.

Have folders with unlimited apps

In the previous versions of iOS, a folder could hold up to 16 apps. It might be good for those who are not obsessed with apps. With more than one folder, it was a bit difficult to organize the home screen. iOS 7 has changed the scenario for the app lovers by making it possible to have an unlimited number of apps in a single folder. However, the number of apps depends on the storage capacity of your iPhone. iOS 7 allows several folders, and you can flit from one to the other.

Get rid of unwanted apps easily

The process of quitting unwanted apps was tedious in the earlier versions of iOS. It required users to double-tap the home button and then long-press the app to quit. With the latest release, it is easier and more efficient to quit an unwanted app. What is more surprising is that you can easily quit more than one app at a single go. The apps that you want to quit must not be in the running mode.

Placing of Newsstand in a folder

Newsstand’ app is a favorite of those who are fond of reading news and magazines on their iPhones. With the earlier versions of iOS, it was not possible to have the Newsstand in a folder for those who use the app very little. Putting the app in a folder saves space on the home screen. However, iOS 7 has made it possible. With the latest version, the user can place ‘Newsstand’ in the folder, dedicated to their favorite reading materials.

Change the look and feel easily

Many users are critical about not being able to change the theme of iOS 7. However, the new design has a surprise consolation for them. It is possible to change the feel of the latest design, and the change of the background makes it possible. The look of the dial pad and the lock screen changes with the change in the background. If you find the brightness of the new icon designs intense, go to the setting and set a dark background.