iPad apps for students with special learning needs

By Infinium On October 19, 2013
iPad application for students

Most of the times, we talk about the business applications of iPads. iPad is a multidimensional device with lots of usability in the teaching and learning niche for special children. Innovative iPad apps make education not only easier but also fun for students with special learning needs. Here is how iPad works for them:

iPad devices pack in the features that empower social students with reading and writing abilities. Text to Speech is one such feature that makes the words audible to students with hearing problem when they read. They can hear the exact pronunciation of words by using this feature of iPad devices. Thus, the TTS feature benefits the visually challenged students and helps them learn by hearing words.

Those who find it difficult to spell a word correctly can benefit from special apps integrated to or installed on iPad devices. It helps special students in writing. Even some iPad apps help them correct grammatical errors in writing, thereby making it possible to improve quality of writing assignments. Apps like Grace make communication easier for students affected by autism. They can express their ideas using the app.

iPad devices have the integrated VoiceOver, a screen-reading application. Using the feature, they can hear a description about what they point at. VoiceOver comes with adjustability to set the pace of hearing that the users with visual or hearing impairment feel comfortable with. Besides, VoiceOver utters the letters that the users type on the keyboard of their iPad devices. Hearing spellings and pronunciation, they can write seamlessly.

Virtual education and excursion would not have been easier for special students without iPad apps. Many schools providing special education cannot afford excursion trips. Special education teachers equipped with modern technology take students on virtual trips within four walls of the classroom, using the Skype app on iPad devices. If students are taken on a virtual trip to a museum, they can interact with the member or guide of the museum over Skype.

iPad apps make it a lot easier for students to take notes and record lectures. Such apps are useful for those who are slow at taking notes and following lectures in the classroom. Students with special learning needs can benefit a lot from the use of such iPad apps as Mad Addition, Mad Multiplication and Mad Subtraction. It makes education fun even for those with trouble speaking.

At Infinium, we understand the technological needs of special education for the betterment of special children. We specialize in developing custom iPad applications for education purpose. Feel free to get in touch with our experts for a detailed discussion.