iPhone Application Development – How It Benefits Travel Industry

By Infinium On December 11, 2013
iPhone application

Are you aware of the fact that nearly 75% of travelers own smart phones?

And they never leave their phone at home while going out for a vacation, which was a practice when handsets were ‘in’ thing and internet was still not available on these. Holidaying means enjoying a wonderful spell with family and they did not like any kind of interruption. These days, mobiles have become almost a part and parcel of life. The travelers carry their handsets wherever they go. iPhones claim considerable stake in mobile industry. Arrival of iPhone and development of customized applications on iOS platform have served travel industry in multiple ways. There is almost a world of services to choose from! Every imaginable app from road map, travel sites to flight notifications, tour tips-offering applications……whatever you might require is already there.

Benefits of iPhone Application Development for Travel Industry

There is a host of reasons why travel industry has decided in favor of embracing iPhone applications. As the entire process is based on open source development as well as outsourcing, every tourism business can immensely gain from development of applications which are aligned with iPhone platform. Here are some advantages to reap from iPhone apps development for tourism sector:

  • There are numerous custom apps which are easy to download. These applications are designed to provide potential travelers with valuable tips for different destinations, the sightseeing spots as well as drawbacks (if anything, like political instability, natural disaster or any kind of clash etc).
  • Some iPhone apps are developed to provide in-details route maps and directions. This is extremely useful for the travelers as they can decide what to do and what not.
  • Since mobile-compatible website development is raze, many tour operators have jumped onto the bandwagon to get their websites launched on iPhones. It helps the travelers access information about the particular travel site on their smartphone apps whenever they want.
  • Carrying iPhones on your trip is a green-saving idea. Surprised? Just imagine you are carrying papers, maps, language translators, phrasebook, advisors and many more. Won’t it be an extra burden for you? But now iPhone apps are there to serve all these purposes. You can do plenty of tasks on your handset.
  • When web 2.0 technology is involved, it gives a new dimension to iPhone applications, empowering the users to easily access the social networking sites on their smartphones. This allows the users to share their tour experience, pictures and even videos with their friends on the same social networking sites.
  • When a particular tour agency caches on all the advantages that can be experienced through iPhone apps development, it not only makes its way to a wider audience but also satisfies them by offering what they need right now and what they might need in future. And this shows result….the company gets to collect more popularity and profit, with time ticking away.