iPhone Application Use in Travel Industry

By Infinium On October 11, 2013
iPhone Application

For a long period of time, Apple has been the undisputed leader in the niche of making handsets. Several high-end gadgets have been rolled out by this tech giant and iPhone is one of the most deserving mentions among them. A wider array of most productive applications is available on iPhone, which could be put to good use if you are in travel industry. In fact, if you are an open-minded person about smartphone use in the business field, iPhone could greatly benefit you irrespective of which field you are associated with.

App Store is a massive reservoir with more than 300,000 applications. People generally use iPhone to download games, music, books and many more things. And now business application is another add-on that is finding a wider and intensified use across travel as well as other industries. Let’s now take a sneak peek into how travel business can wallop a lot of advantages and make remarkable improvement in many areas by integrating appropriate usage of iPhone applications in their business process.

Unified Inbox Adds Convenience: When you are in travel line, almost a flood of emails will hit your email accounts. iPhone applications allow usage of a single inbox for several accounts. This means you don’t need to switch between the accounts to check for your emails. It saves your time, adds convenience and enhances productivity.

Microsoft Exchange: This feature is thrown into iPhone series since iPhone 4 launch. In addition, there is a host of enterprise features including email, contact, calendar which you can use to get into touch with your clients and receive their feedbacks.

Sale Management: When you are in business, it’s important to keep track of every lead and opportunity for your business. iPhone apps can keep a record of your meetings with the clients as well as follow-ups so that you don’t miss out on any business opportunity.

Files & Documents: As you are in travel industry, so you need to maintain a lot of files and documents containing the clients’ details as well as your business balance sheet. Businessmen and professionals are now switching to hard drive storage instead of maintaining manual files. iPhone can be used as a hard drive and applications integrated into it can be used to manage presentation with just a single tap.

Business Intelligence: This feature is one of the most useful ones for those in the travel industry. You can retrieve any information quickly, which will help you take decision almost on instance. By using it, you can monitor your contacts that earn you sale, generate reports and thus add to faster growth of your travel business.