By Infinium On September 19, 2013

iStickyNotes – a digital innovation by Infinium Softech for iOS device users

Now is the digital age of time-conscious techies who prefer tagging to scribbling. Everyone from school students to professionals needs a nifty device to write, make and take brief notes wherever and whenever. Be a note a Facebook post, a tweet, a message, an address, a contact number or an SMS, a smart note-taking digital app is what they need to use on their iOS devices. Infinium Softech has launched such an innovative app – iStickyNotes – to cater to this need of iOS device users. iStickyNotes integrating futuristic features has redefined the way we have taken notes till date. This digital innovation by iStickyNotes has eased the task of taking notes and listening to webinars at the same time. If you are in the habit of creating a list of things to do or to shop when you are on the move, there is no alternative to iStickyNotes. Just imagine if you forget to carry a notepad and a pen to the places where they are required, or if you find the page where you had scribbled an important phone number missing from the notepad, or if a glass of water falls over the notepad on the desk…. Not unjust to say that we may leave a book or notepad or diary behind by mistake, not our iOS device. We always carry the device wherever we go. Let’s check what makes Infinium Softech’s iStickyNotes more useful and more innovative than the available other apps: The very first advantage of iStickyNotes over others is that it is available for free download, and all of the features are accessible to users at zero cost. It is an ease to customize the application as per your requirements. How to use it needs no formal instructions as it is very easy to use even for first-time users. The user-friendliness of iStickyNotes lies in the application’s compatibility with and smooth work on the sensitive touchscreen of iOS devices. The features from freehand drawling to writing are very user-friendly. The design of sticky notes with different backgrounds is engaging in look and feel. You can use as many sticky notes as you wish. Evidently, iStickyNotes is the right choice for students, social media junkies and those who communicate through SMSs.

The highlights of iStickyNotes:

  • Sticky notes with different text colors, font sizes and styles
  • Easy to move and re-size sticky notes
  • Easy to change sticky place-holder background
  • Easy to view, edit and delete sticky notes
  • Easy to draw innovative sticky using freehand drawing
  • Easy to add multiple photos in sticky
  • Easy to scale photo, move photo and draw freehand on photo
  • Easy to print and share sticky notes via email with their friends
  • Easy to save sticky as image and place to lock or home screen
iStickyNotes is a new feather in the cap of Infinium Softech, a thriving software development firm. With a team of mobile application development professionals at work, Infinium Softech leads in innovating, conceptualizing, developing and customizing apps for all types of mobile devices. The Company stays tuned to the latest mobile app technology.