Some Major Improvements in PHP 5.5.0 to Help Web Developers

PHP 5.5.0 has arrived with a slew of new fixes and features. The new version shows marked improvement on the previous launches. This article details some most important improvements of the new release to help the web developers in multiple ways. One major difference is support for Windows 2003 and XP has been dropped in […]

Advantage of iOS7 for enterprises

Apple with its iOS7 brought in a revolution in the enterprise sector. iOS7, the latest evolution of Apple, has promising features for enterprises of small and medium levels. It sports impressive look, upgraded functionality, security features and business-critical advantages. It facilitates sensitive data security, wireless file sharing, central control, and employee management at workplace. The […]

Use of iPad applications in speech therapy

Mobile application technology has revolutionized pathological and therapeutic programs, to say speech therapy. Speech-language pathologists and therapists have been leveraging the communication potential of iPad applications to make their speech training and articulation techniques accessible to the victims of autism, affected by stammering, from a distance. Innovation of iPad apps in this niche has made […]
iPad application for students

iPad apps for students with special learning needs

Most of the times, we talk about the business applications of iPads. iPad is a multidimensional device with lots of usability in the teaching and learning niche for special children. Innovative iPad apps make education not only easier but also fun for students with special learning needs. Here is how iPad works for them: iPad […]
iPhone Application

iPhone Application Use in Travel Industry

For a long period of time, Apple has been the undisputed leader in the niche of making handsets. Several high-end gadgets have been rolled out by this tech giant and iPhone is one of the most deserving mentions among them. A wider array of most productive applications is available on iPhone, which could be put […]

Underlining Multiple Benefits of PHP Yii Framework

Yii is a high-end open source framework that exploits PHP programming language for web application development. It features more flexibility in sense that you can use Yii framework to develop a project, no matter whether it is simple or involves complexity on a different level. Yii is easy to download from the official website without […]

Must-have benefits of web development on Zend PHP Framework

Zend is one of the most flexible and versatile PHP frameworks being used for website development. With a pack of PHP 5 and other smart features, Zend has raised the bar of quality for web development to a new high. It has become a favorite of web developers for its super compatibility with Web 2.0. […]

Support your online business with mobile apps to stay ahead

Online hotel booking, online flight booking, online travel booking, online bus booking, online car rental booking and online movie ticket booking are some of the thriving businesses on Internet. Have you ever wondered what vehicle drives business ventures to success in these online niches? It is their reach to more and more customers through mobile […]

Reasons to have mobile apps for your business

Apple has made a whopping 9 million sales since the launch of its latest iPhone 5 last Friday. This figure bears a testimony to the growing popularity of mobile devices with more and more users. Evidently, more advanced, functional and efficient apps are in demand by businesses to target this group. However, first you need […]

iOS 7 – 5 good and great features

iOS 7, the latest release from Apple’s store, has received a mixed response. There are some positive reviews in praise of the app, while some negative reviews have gone criticizing the app for not fulfilling the user expectations. However, we have discovered and experienced 5 great features of iOS 7. We have explained why these […]