iStickyNotes – a digital innovation by Infinium Softech for iOS device users Now is the digital age of time-conscious techies who prefer tagging to scribbling. Everyone from school students to professionals needs a nifty device to write, make and take brief notes wherever and whenever. Be a note a Facebook post, a tweet, a message, an […]

Advantages of PHP Web Development for Online Businesses

Hypertext Preprocessor or PHP is one of most popular server side scripting languages widely used to develop PHP websites and applications. PHP applications have opened up a new dimension in the E-Commerce market by revolutionizing the web development niche. PHP based web development service meets the most important criteria of web applications. It features an […]

Infinium Services

We are glad to introduce our leading iPhone application development and PHP development services to you. At Infinium Softech based in India, we are a growing team of dedicated developers having tryst with web and mobile application technology. We work on projects of various sizes – large, medium and small. Our iPhone app and PHP […]