Role of iPhone apps in growth and development of healthcare industry

By Infinium On November 21, 2013

Healthcare is a thriving industry to capitalize on mobile technology using innovative iPhone applications. With increasing reliance on the use of iPhone apps, smartphones are in full swing of transforming million lives. The data of surveys on the market of iPhone apps in the healthcare sector reveal that the net worth of mobile healthcare apps for smartphones will hit 400 million dollars by the year 2016.

Consistent connect between patients and care takers

Exclusively designed healthcare apps for iPhone devices facilitate consistent communication between patients and care service providers. Smooth communication leads to an emotional attachment between them. Using these apps, the care takers can be in the know of their patients’ wellbeing at anytime of the day. It makes patients feel happy, valued and important. This is how iPhone healthcare apps facilitate improvement of care-taking services, the image of care takers, and the reputation of healthcare organizations.

Real-time communication for mental support

Patients connected through iPhone apps can communicate and help out each other in real time. It facilitates the talk about improvement of symptoms, dosage of medicine, progress of health among them. Using apps, they can discuss their problems and solutions. Thus, the patients support each other mentally through connect and communication streamlined by iPhone apps.

Alerts and reminders about appointments for checkup

Healthcare applications for iPhone put all necessary information about health and wellness organizations including hospitals as well as clinics at patients’ fingertips. It arms them with requisite details such as contact numbers, locations, and visiting hours of doctors and their clinics. Patients can receive reminders about their appointments with doctors, and alerts on the day that checkup is scheduled.

Access to health articles and fitness tips

Using iPhone apps for healthcare, patients can access health and fitness articles on the Web. They can educate themselves about the possible or available treatment of diseases. Using the apps, they can share useful wellness apps with other patients in their networks. Even online health magazines are accessible to them via apps.

Connect discharged patients with hospitals

Healthcare applications are boon for the discharged patients. Using a healthcare app on their iPhones, they can keep in touch with their physicians, and the hospitals where they have been treated. They can update the medical advisors about their daily health condition. They can receive instructions about medication, too. iPhone apps help care takers, doctors and medical advisors keep track of the profiles of the discharged patients.

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