Some Tips for Successful Development on PHP Platform

By Infinium On December 4, 2013
Successful Development on PHP Platform

PHP has emerged as one of the most popular scripting languages worldwide. It is mainly used for creating websites and much liked by the developers owing to flexibility, ease of use and several other benefits that it offers to the creators. Several popular websites are developed on PHP language. If you want to build a website or apps on PHP, consider the following points to make the most effective, flexible and optimum use of this wonderful tech platform.

Make most of its core functions: Before you finally make a swoop on development of a website or other kinds of projects, it makes sense to check the PHP manuals. And these days, it is easily available online. Make sure if the particular function or web app that you want to create already exists there or not. Due to extensive use of PHP for application development, it is more likely that an app or a particular function already exists there and you don’t need to formulate a plan for their development.

Avoid over-commenting on codes: As a developer, it is very much important to maintain an appropriate documentation for your PHP data codes. It also sounds a great idea if you comment on the codes. However, stay away from over commenting. Leave your remark only on the complex codes for further reference. And if these codes are not of ‘complex nature’, there is no need to comment on them.

Monitor error reporting: As you are using PHP to develop an engaging web app, it is highly recommended to keep an unblinking watch on the error reporting. For that, you should better keep the feature of display and error reporting on. It will help you effectively monitor the run-time error and also recognize the faults and immediately fix it up as soon as it happens. The feature will also allow you to identify the error source, instead of running a manual check on everything after finishing the project.

Refine data before feeding them into database: In order to avoid errors during PHP coding, it is always important to refine the data before you feed them into your database. For any PHP developer, the priority is to develop an error-free project. One of the reasons why the developers are so crazy about PHP is it provides a great platform to create customized apps without giving any scope of committing even a single error.

Last but not the least, if you have no hang of PHP or are just a novice; hire a company to give you a hand.