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Use of iPad applications in speech therapy

Mobile application technology has revolutionized pathological and therapeutic programs, to say speech therapy. Speech-language pathologists and therapists have been leveraging the communication potential of iPad applications to make their speech training and articulation techniques accessible to the victims of autism, affected by stammering, from a distance. Innovation of iPad apps in this niche has made speech therapy a feasible solution.

Some apps attribute data-tracking capability to iPad devices, which makes it possible for therapists to focus on their practices and results. Using the apps, they get real-time data that they can share with their clients or clients’ caretakers. It mitigates the need to get a hard copy of the data of the speech therapy practices. The therapists can explain the key issues, difficulties or improvements to their clients by analyzing the data over phone or through online chat. The use of iPad devices in speech therapy has made the treatment accessible to even those who stay far away from clinics.

There are some iPad devices which will enable you to record your child’s speech on different occasions so that you can compare them to find out exactly when he/she stumbles or stammers, and you can share the records with a speech therapist easily too. You can check the records again and again to find out if he/she feels unnerved or lacks confidence at the time of talking. Such findings help trace the root cause of the problem with the child’s speech.

Using special iPad applications, therapists can reach out to children with articulation difficulty. Their therapeutic articulation programs can be accessible to those children via installation of special apps on iPad devices. It helps the children to practice the techniques at home, with the help of their parents.

These programs are tailored to the level of feasibility that iPad devices support. Without application development service, it may not have been possible. There are some fun apps using which children can listen to how to articulate the words which they find difficult to utter. It helps them realize the difference between the way they utter the words and the way the words are articulated. Once the difference is noticed, they will be able to fix the problem.

The use of apps-supported iPad devices in speech and articulation training has proven to be a lot beneficial for the adults who often find it difficult to take lessons in speech therapy classes. By installing certain apps on their iPad devices, they can access the speech therapy and articulation programs of clinics and train themselves in privacy.

We at Infinium Softech develop high-end iPad applications for speech therapy and articulation programs in collaboration with pathologists and therapists.


Support your online business with mobile apps to stay ahead

Online hotel booking, online flight booking, online travel booking, online bus booking, online car rental booking and online movie ticket booking are some of the thriving businesses on Internet. Have you ever wondered what vehicle drives business ventures to success in these online niches? It is their reach to more and more customers through mobile marketing. By customers here, I refer to mobile users. And, the vehicle of growth for these businesses is mobile applications.

Booking.com, Expedia.com, Hotels.com, Travelocity.com, Orbitz.com and TripAdvisor.com are big players in the tourism and hospitality industry on the global front. They operate their businesses across geographies, both online and offline. They earn more revenues online than offline. Seamless access to their online services and products for more and more customers has been possible because of mobile communication technology integration into the business marketing infrastructure.

These conglomerates in the travel and hospitality industry are not only striving to grab a larger share of the international market but also competing with each other on the virtual marketplace. They are equipped and empowered with the latest mobile applications to make their hotel accommodation packages and online travel booking services available to the users of mobile devices including iPhones and iPads. To say briefly and evidently, their business growth and development online are driven by mobile applications.

Recently, Booking.com, an online platform offering hotel booking services on global levels, hit the headlines for having bagged the Amadeus Mobile Achievement Award. The seamless availability of its services to the group of mobile users across geographies brought the portal this prestigious award. Booking.com has been followed by Hotels.com, Expedia.com and TripAdvisor.com among the other achievers. They are awarded in the category, “mobile friendly service”.

These hospitality business giants are always ahead when it comes to integrating iPhone or iPad apps with their technological infrastructure. Once their apps are downloaded on mobile devices, the users can easily access the services and products. These travel and hospitality ventures have already integrated the latest iOS 7 app to their online mobile technology so that they can reach out to the iPhone users who download it. If your online business is not supported by mobile application, give it a thought now. We are a leading mobile application developer with a portfolio of multi-niche app development services. Feel free to get in touch with us for free consultation.