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Recipe of Successful iPad Application Development

These days, it is a growing trend for the business houses to develop applications on iPad platform. And plenty of companies are there to offer such services. Some are best whereas some are worst. And there are many who are mediocre. And it is the process of development that makes all the differences between the good companies and the bad ones. Let us have a look at the signs that tell a good company from the not-so-good entities.

Gathering Details & Proper Analysis

The first step of successfully developing iPad applications should start with in-depth analysis of collected information on the basis of the clients’ objectives and requirements. The developers should be all ears to the clients’ exact needs before making an assessment of gathered information. For that purpose, both the clients and developers should be on the same page.

They must be in constant touch with each other to share views on the purpose of developing applications as well as taking the right approach towards development. A good company always makes sure that its developers understand nitty-gritty of the clients’ requirements before starting the project. It never leaves anything for doubt and at every step, evaluates whether everything is going as planned and within scheduled time.

Assessment of Risk

Every project involves some kind of risks. And iPad application development, which is complex in character and requires a lot of time for completion, has more risks attached to it. To be precise, these risks actually refer to challenges which must be successfully handled in order to develop the apps which will work most satisfactorily. So, it is important for an iPad development company to recognize the problems and fix them up.

It may so happen that several problems crop up during course of development but that should never be allowed to stall the process as the developers are already prepared for any kind of hitch and know how to deal with them. It means no valuable time will be wasted while seeking a solution and that makes a good impact on quality of application delivered. And also everything is managed within time deadline.

More Focus on Control

Apart from lengthy process of development and complexity involved, the project also needs to be aligned with the client’s exact requirements at every phase. Everything can take a wrong turn due to lack of focus and this is where ‘control’ emerges as an important factor. The developers must have a total control over the project so that it can be completed in time and with accuracy.


Why iPhone Is a Good Platform to Develop Applications

Since the arrival of iOS6, there has been an overwhelming increase in the number of iPhone users. The users who already own iPhone 4 are quickly getting software upgrade to the latest versions – obviously to stay aligned with the most advanced features. iPhone has always been most popular with the users as well as developers.

Considering surging popularity of iPhone, the professionals have developed thousands of applications. A common question often asked by the customers is why they should choose iPhone as a platform for customizable application development. Here are a few reasons to meet their queries.

iPhone Rocks: You know there are several smartphones in the market but iPhone is unarguably the king of all. More than 8milion sets of iPhone have already flown off the shelves in showrooms and the trend has not slowed down. If you are a businessman, iPhone is a wonderful option to make and market your specific applications which can present your online venture in a better way to your clients worldwide.

SDK Feature: SDK is a wonderful feature available with iPhone. This is easy to download and allows you to develop and market your customizable applications on the Apple App Store. This kit provides you with all the necessary toolkits to create iPhone compatible applications. And if you are not a pro in developing apps, there are several companies working in this niche, which will be ready and happy to give you a hand.

iPhone Apps Popular: There are multipurpose uses of iPhone apps. These can be used to surf the internet perform important tasks and even have some fun. iphone is not just a phone, it has more to offer, most of which will be a big miss on other handsets. Given its widespread popularity, it won’t be wrong to say that iPhone has become a part and parcel of customers’ life and this number is high on rise.

However, as a user, you should be aware of the restrictions as imposed by Apple in regards to development and running of applications. Here are those restrictions that you must keep in mind before considering iPhone application development.

  • The most important restriction as put down by Apple is the users are not allowed to run two applications simultaneously.
  • iPhone does not allow you to run any third party application in the background.
  • Compatibility issues regarding iOS version surface up sometimes. If you have developed an application on a particular iOS version, you should put in some extra effort so that it can run on other iOS versions as well.
iPad application for students

iPad apps for students with special learning needs

Most of the times, we talk about the business applications of iPads. iPad is a multidimensional device with lots of usability in the teaching and learning niche for special children. Innovative iPad apps make education not only easier but also fun for students with special learning needs. Here is how iPad works for them:

iPad devices pack in the features that empower social students with reading and writing abilities. Text to Speech is one such feature that makes the words audible to students with hearing problem when they read. They can hear the exact pronunciation of words by using this feature of iPad devices. Thus, the TTS feature benefits the visually challenged students and helps them learn by hearing words.

Those who find it difficult to spell a word correctly can benefit from special apps integrated to or installed on iPad devices. It helps special students in writing. Even some iPad apps help them correct grammatical errors in writing, thereby making it possible to improve quality of writing assignments. Apps like Grace make communication easier for students affected by autism. They can express their ideas using the app.

iPad devices have the integrated VoiceOver, a screen-reading application. Using the feature, they can hear a description about what they point at. VoiceOver comes with adjustability to set the pace of hearing that the users with visual or hearing impairment feel comfortable with. Besides, VoiceOver utters the letters that the users type on the keyboard of their iPad devices. Hearing spellings and pronunciation, they can write seamlessly.

Virtual education and excursion would not have been easier for special students without iPad apps. Many schools providing special education cannot afford excursion trips. Special education teachers equipped with modern technology take students on virtual trips within four walls of the classroom, using the Skype app on iPad devices. If students are taken on a virtual trip to a museum, they can interact with the member or guide of the museum over Skype.

iPad apps make it a lot easier for students to take notes and record lectures. Such apps are useful for those who are slow at taking notes and following lectures in the classroom. Students with special learning needs can benefit a lot from the use of such iPad apps as Mad Addition, Mad Multiplication and Mad Subtraction. It makes education fun even for those with trouble speaking.

At Infinium, we understand the technological needs of special education for the betterment of special children. We specialize in developing custom iPad applications for education purpose. Feel free to get in touch with our experts for a detailed discussion.


Support your online business with mobile apps to stay ahead

Online hotel booking, online flight booking, online travel booking, online bus booking, online car rental booking and online movie ticket booking are some of the thriving businesses on Internet. Have you ever wondered what vehicle drives business ventures to success in these online niches? It is their reach to more and more customers through mobile marketing. By customers here, I refer to mobile users. And, the vehicle of growth for these businesses is mobile applications.

Booking.com, Expedia.com, Hotels.com, Travelocity.com, Orbitz.com and TripAdvisor.com are big players in the tourism and hospitality industry on the global front. They operate their businesses across geographies, both online and offline. They earn more revenues online than offline. Seamless access to their online services and products for more and more customers has been possible because of mobile communication technology integration into the business marketing infrastructure.

These conglomerates in the travel and hospitality industry are not only striving to grab a larger share of the international market but also competing with each other on the virtual marketplace. They are equipped and empowered with the latest mobile applications to make their hotel accommodation packages and online travel booking services available to the users of mobile devices including iPhones and iPads. To say briefly and evidently, their business growth and development online are driven by mobile applications.

Recently, Booking.com, an online platform offering hotel booking services on global levels, hit the headlines for having bagged the Amadeus Mobile Achievement Award. The seamless availability of its services to the group of mobile users across geographies brought the portal this prestigious award. Booking.com has been followed by Hotels.com, Expedia.com and TripAdvisor.com among the other achievers. They are awarded in the category, “mobile friendly service”.

These hospitality business giants are always ahead when it comes to integrating iPhone or iPad apps with their technological infrastructure. Once their apps are downloaded on mobile devices, the users can easily access the services and products. These travel and hospitality ventures have already integrated the latest iOS 7 app to their online mobile technology so that they can reach out to the iPhone users who download it. If your online business is not supported by mobile application, give it a thought now. We are a leading mobile application developer with a portfolio of multi-niche app development services. Feel free to get in touch with us for free consultation.