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iPad application for students

iPad apps for students with special learning needs

Most of the times, we talk about the business applications of iPads. iPad is a multidimensional device with lots of usability in the teaching and learning niche for special children. Innovative iPad apps make education not only easier but also fun for students with special learning needs. Here is how iPad works for them:

iPad devices pack in the features that empower social students with reading and writing abilities. Text to Speech is one such feature that makes the words audible to students with hearing problem when they read. They can hear the exact pronunciation of words by using this feature of iPad devices. Thus, the TTS feature benefits the visually challenged students and helps them learn by hearing words.

Those who find it difficult to spell a word correctly can benefit from special apps integrated to or installed on iPad devices. It helps special students in writing. Even some iPad apps help them correct grammatical errors in writing, thereby making it possible to improve quality of writing assignments. Apps like Grace make communication easier for students affected by autism. They can express their ideas using the app.

iPad devices have the integrated VoiceOver, a screen-reading application. Using the feature, they can hear a description about what they point at. VoiceOver comes with adjustability to set the pace of hearing that the users with visual or hearing impairment feel comfortable with. Besides, VoiceOver utters the letters that the users type on the keyboard of their iPad devices. Hearing spellings and pronunciation, they can write seamlessly.

Virtual education and excursion would not have been easier for special students without iPad apps. Many schools providing special education cannot afford excursion trips. Special education teachers equipped with modern technology take students on virtual trips within four walls of the classroom, using the Skype app on iPad devices. If students are taken on a virtual trip to a museum, they can interact with the member or guide of the museum over Skype.

iPad apps make it a lot easier for students to take notes and record lectures. Such apps are useful for those who are slow at taking notes and following lectures in the classroom. Students with special learning needs can benefit a lot from the use of such iPad apps as Mad Addition, Mad Multiplication and Mad Subtraction. It makes education fun even for those with trouble speaking.

At Infinium, we understand the technological needs of special education for the betterment of special children. We specialize in developing custom iPad applications for education purpose. Feel free to get in touch with our experts for a detailed discussion.

iPhone Application

iPhone Application Use in Travel Industry

For a long period of time, Apple has been the undisputed leader in the niche of making handsets. Several high-end gadgets have been rolled out by this tech giant and iPhone is one of the most deserving mentions among them. A wider array of most productive applications is available on iPhone, which could be put to good use if you are in travel industry. In fact, if you are an open-minded person about smartphone use in the business field, iPhone could greatly benefit you irrespective of which field you are associated with.

App Store is a massive reservoir with more than 300,000 applications. People generally use iPhone to download games, music, books and many more things. And now business application is another add-on that is finding a wider and intensified use across travel as well as other industries. Let’s now take a sneak peek into how travel business can wallop a lot of advantages and make remarkable improvement in many areas by integrating appropriate usage of iPhone applications in their business process.

Unified Inbox Adds Convenience: When you are in travel line, almost a flood of emails will hit your email accounts. iPhone applications allow usage of a single inbox for several accounts. This means you don’t need to switch between the accounts to check for your emails. It saves your time, adds convenience and enhances productivity.

Microsoft Exchange: This feature is thrown into iPhone series since iPhone 4 launch. In addition, there is a host of enterprise features including email, contact, calendar which you can use to get into touch with your clients and receive their feedbacks.

Sale Management: When you are in business, it’s important to keep track of every lead and opportunity for your business. iPhone apps can keep a record of your meetings with the clients as well as follow-ups so that you don’t miss out on any business opportunity.

Files & Documents: As you are in travel industry, so you need to maintain a lot of files and documents containing the clients’ details as well as your business balance sheet. Businessmen and professionals are now switching to hard drive storage instead of maintaining manual files. iPhone can be used as a hard drive and applications integrated into it can be used to manage presentation with just a single tap.

Business Intelligence: This feature is one of the most useful ones for those in the travel industry. You can retrieve any information quickly, which will help you take decision almost on instance. By using it, you can monitor your contacts that earn you sale, generate reports and thus add to faster growth of your travel business.


Reasons to have mobile apps for your business

Apple has made a whopping 9 million sales since the launch of its latest iPhone 5 last Friday. This figure bears a testimony to the growing popularity of mobile devices with more and more users. Evidently, more advanced, functional and efficient apps are in demand by businesses to target this group. However, first you need to know how mobile applications will benefit you before making an investment in app development service. We have listed and explained 4 basic benefits:

Business promotion to target audience

You can promote yourself by using apps in multiple different ways. Push notification is one of the ways. Suppose, you have offered an app for download and a mobile user has downloaded it on his device. The push notification feature enables you to send custom messages to whoever downloads your app. Your messages will be inboxed on his mobile phone. You can tailor the messages as per your need to offer a discount, communicate about a new product launch, or promote an event.

Revenue generation from sales

Once you are done using the application for promotion, get ready to generate revenues from sales in the market. Once the beta version of your mobile application is popular with mobile users, pitch the app to mobile phone and tablet manufacturing companies. If the app is integrated to a mobile phone or tablet, it will be sold to end customers, thereby ensuring a steady flow of revenue for you. Or, you can sell the app directly to the users who have downloaded the beta version for a limited period.

Instant customer service in real time

If you are offering a specific service, and your target audience is a group of mobile device users, you can reach out to them by means of your application. Using the application downloaded on their devices, you can receive service requests from them and their feedback too. By using your application, they can send their service requests to you anytime. The mobile app makes it easy for them to reach you with their needs. You will be notified in real time, too.

Customer engagement with business

Your application integrating social media features will let the target audience interact with your business. The integration of social media with the app will enable them to keep in touch with you in real time by posting on the timeline of your Facebook page, by pinning pictures to your Pinterest album, by retweeing your tweets and sharing your business message with their friends. Such social media driven interaction with your business will help you with branding. It also facilitates a good customer relation that is a key to success for every business. The benefits of mobile applications vary depending on business niches. If you are not sure how a mobile app will be useful in your business niche, do get in touch with our consultants and business analysts.