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Successful Development on PHP Platform

Some Tips for Successful Development on PHP Platform

PHP has emerged as one of the most popular scripting languages worldwide. It is mainly used for creating websites and much liked by the developers owing to flexibility, ease of use and several other benefits that it offers to the creators. Several popular websites are developed on PHP language. If you want to build a website or apps on PHP, consider the following points to make the most effective, flexible and optimum use of this wonderful tech platform.

Make most of its core functions: Before you finally make a swoop on development of a website or other kinds of projects, it makes sense to check the PHP manuals. And these days, it is easily available online. Make sure if the particular function or web app that you want to create already exists there or not. Due to extensive use of PHP for application development, it is more likely that an app or a particular function already exists there and you don’t need to formulate a plan for their development.

Avoid over-commenting on codes: As a developer, it is very much important to maintain an appropriate documentation for your PHP data codes. It also sounds a great idea if you comment on the codes. However, stay away from over commenting. Leave your remark only on the complex codes for further reference. And if these codes are not of ‘complex nature’, there is no need to comment on them.

Monitor error reporting: As you are using PHP to develop an engaging web app, it is highly recommended to keep an unblinking watch on the error reporting. For that, you should better keep the feature of display and error reporting on. It will help you effectively monitor the run-time error and also recognize the faults and immediately fix it up as soon as it happens. The feature will also allow you to identify the error source, instead of running a manual check on everything after finishing the project.

Refine data before feeding them into database: In order to avoid errors during PHP coding, it is always important to refine the data before you feed them into your database. For any PHP developer, the priority is to develop an error-free project. One of the reasons why the developers are so crazy about PHP is it provides a great platform to create customized apps without giving any scope of committing even a single error.

Last but not the least, if you have no hang of PHP or are just a novice; hire a company to give you a hand.


Underlining Multiple Benefits of PHP Yii Framework

Yii is a high-end open source framework that exploits PHP programming language for web application development. It features more flexibility in sense that you can use Yii framework to develop a project, no matter whether it is simple or involves complexity on a different level. Yii is easy to download from the official website without any cost. Not only large businesses but also small ones are leveraging the advantages of Yii framework to their benefits:

The salient features of Yii Framework are as follows:

Database Access Objects: A web developer can easily avert the complex and time-consuming procedures of writing SQL queries repeatedly by working on Yii framework.

MVC Design Pattern: Yii features full compatibility with MVC architecture, which supports clean SoC (Separation of Concerns) and thus, develops websites in a more organized way.

AJAX Enabled Widgets: Yii is armed with a set of rich AJAX widgets which are extremely useful in developing highly efficient and improved user interface.

Form Input & Validation: The forms which take data and validate inputs are easy to develop on Yii framework. It features an array of widgets and validators which help collect the form input and its validation.

Skimming & Themes: A Yii based website can be given an instant makeover through theming and skinning mechanism that comes with it.

Easy & Quick Authentication & Authorization: The RBAC-supported authorization and in-built authentication functions make it much easier to develop website and apps.

Logging & Error Handling: Yii based websites offers an easier procedure of error handling. It saves log messages in a neat and ordered manner to make them accessible category wise.

Security: Yii architecture is one of the most secured PHP based frameworks. It comes with a host of different security mechanisms to prevent any kind of attack on the web apps including XSS, CSRF, SQL injection, tampering with cookies etc.

Third Party Code Compliance: Codes from other frameworks can be easily integrated into Yii framework without any kind of hang-up.

Code Generation Made Automatic: Yii comes with an array of useful tools which are of great help for the developers to generate code more easily and quickly.

Unit & Functionality Test: On a Yii based framework, unit and functionality test can be executed with much of ease.

Complete Documentation: Yii offers a neat and detailed documentation of every single property and procedure.

Yii framework offers enhanced security and speed. It is engineered to be available as an open source technology. The flexible and rich feature set help the developers create more innovative applications on Yii platform.


Must-have benefits of web development on Zend PHP Framework

Zend is one of the most flexible and versatile PHP frameworks being used for website development. With a pack of PHP 5 and other smart features, Zend has raised the bar of quality for web development to a new high. It has become a favorite of web developers for its super compatibility with Web 2.0. Corporate friendly licensing and technically precise code base are the upsides of Zend PHP development.

There are object-oriented components in the Zend PHP library. Interdependence of Zend PHP components is much less than that of others. Minimal interdependence ensures lots of ease in developing customized web apps on Zend framework.

Zend framework, because of its compatibility with Web 2.0, is secure and protected. The security of apps developed using Zend PHP is unquestionable. The MVC framework is integrated to Zend PHP. It separates technical complexity to keep the user interface simple and easy. That is why Zend is the right technology for developing user-friendly web apps.

Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, IBM DB2 and some other database as well as systems are supported on Zend PHP framework which provides access to numerous components. Use Zend_Auth to identify a user as an authentic one. Zend_Acl is better use to restrict or deny a user’s access to the resources. Zend_Feed helps with the reading of RSS feeds. Zend_Form is the right component to help you create forms.

The object oriented framework makes it possible to extend the components of Zend PHP and customize them as well. With ZF, the web and app developers are able to use special variations of some specific components, and that too without accessing codebase. Easy and efficient customization of Zend Framework makes it easy to create unique functionality for your projects.

Having absolute control on the Zend Framework codebase, businesses can be sure of their right to intellectual property security. Evidently, Zend Framework is the right choice for developing enterprise-level secure web solutions for businesses, large and small.

Zend PHP development services at Infinium Softech promise you the required web development with integration of all the above-mentioned features, and the features specified by you. We excel in developing scalable, flexible and multifarious applications using Zend PHP framework for any business.


Advantages of PHP Web Development for Online Businesses

Hypertext Preprocessor or PHP is one of most popular server side scripting languages widely used to develop PHP websites and applications. PHP applications have opened up a new dimension in the E-Commerce market by revolutionizing the web development niche. PHP based web development service meets the most important criteria of web applications. It features an extensive breadth of most functional attributes. Furthermore, it is more developer friendly to work on. Let’s now pinpoint some of the great merits which PHP web development offers. If it comes to working on PHP, there are a slew of advantages. First of all, it is compatible with a wider array of web apps. However, that’s not all and there are more to it, which I am going to explain below: Providing Support for Multiple Databases Both PHP and PHP-based applications feature enhanced compatibility that makes them be fully supported by Oracle, MySQl, PostgreSQL and Informix. This makes it easy for the developers to build up a website by spending a little amount of time, thereby reducing cost by a significant margin, should you ever feel the need for some changes in future. Coding Made Simpler, Display Got Faster PHP can be compared with some fundamental programming languages such as Pearl and C. It’s not only surprisingly easy for coding but also quick for deployment so much so that it is possible to predict an exact timing when the development work will be done. Much Easier PHP does not involve much of complication like many web programming languages. It enables you to design customized web pages according to your exact specifications. What is more, its improved ‘compatible’ feature allows the users to use it along with other programming languages to perform a variety of tasks. HTML or Hypertext language too can be easily embedded into PHP based websites or applications. It also allows the users to organize and display the details on a web browser more easily as compared to other existing programming languages. In-Built Functions PHP features multiple built-in libraries to carry out several useful tasks. It lets you generate GIF images and PDF documents, send emails and set up connection to other networking services, by just keying in a fewer codes. Robust Platform for Development PHP is no longer a new arrival in the niche of web programming. It has got worldwide popularity and most of the software engineers now work on this robust platform to build up highperforming, secured, quality-rich, scalable, functional websites and applications. PHP is so easy that millions of web developers are almost hooked to it, making it no difficult for you to scoop out a freelancer or web Development Company for your project. However, before you agree a deal with the developers, make sure to run a check on the track record of the professional or the company.

Infinium Services

We are glad to introduce our leading iPhone application development and PHP development services to you. At Infinium Softech based in India, we are a growing team of dedicated developers having tryst with web and mobile application technology. We work on projects of various sizes – large, medium and small. Our iPhone app and PHP web developers are available for hire on hourly, weekly and monthly basis. Our services are technically precise, advanced and affordable too. The niches in purview of our web and mobile app development service : iPhone applications and PHP frameworks have revolutionized businesses in various niches of the industry. Our avant-garde development service is a technological contribution to the growth and success of businesses in their respective niches. We specialize in developing futuristic apps and scalable solutions with excellence for ecommerce, e-learning, travel & tourism, hospitality, media & publishing, health, music & entertainment, gaming, real estate, banking, BPO & KPO, etc. The technologies in purview of our iPhone and PHP development service : Our programmers and developers are well-versed with the working knowledge of Xcode, Objective C and Cocoa Touch in alignment with Apple’s iOS platform. Zend, CodeIgniter, Symfony, CakePHP, Prado and Yii are the most popular PHP frameworks that we develop secure, strong and userfriendly websites on. Deployment of PHP development technology on the LAMP platform is one of the skills in our portfolio. We have the working knowledge of PHP 5 at our fingertips. Flash, Photoshop and Dreamweaver are the technologies within our grasp. Why stop by Infinium Softech for PHP development service? Because of the following highlights of our service:
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