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Underlining Multiple Benefits of PHP Yii Framework

Yii is a high-end open source framework that exploits PHP programming language for web application development. It features more flexibility in sense that you can use Yii framework to develop a project, no matter whether it is simple or involves complexity on a different level. Yii is easy to download from the official website without any cost. Not only large businesses but also small ones are leveraging the advantages of Yii framework to their benefits:

The salient features of Yii Framework are as follows:

Database Access Objects: A web developer can easily avert the complex and time-consuming procedures of writing SQL queries repeatedly by working on Yii framework.

MVC Design Pattern: Yii features full compatibility with MVC architecture, which supports clean SoC (Separation of Concerns) and thus, develops websites in a more organized way.

AJAX Enabled Widgets: Yii is armed with a set of rich AJAX widgets which are extremely useful in developing highly efficient and improved user interface.

Form Input & Validation: The forms which take data and validate inputs are easy to develop on Yii framework. It features an array of widgets and validators which help collect the form input and its validation.

Skimming & Themes: A Yii based website can be given an instant makeover through theming and skinning mechanism that comes with it.

Easy & Quick Authentication & Authorization: The RBAC-supported authorization and in-built authentication functions make it much easier to develop website and apps.

Logging & Error Handling: Yii based websites offers an easier procedure of error handling. It saves log messages in a neat and ordered manner to make them accessible category wise.

Security: Yii architecture is one of the most secured PHP based frameworks. It comes with a host of different security mechanisms to prevent any kind of attack on the web apps including XSS, CSRF, SQL injection, tampering with cookies etc.

Third Party Code Compliance: Codes from other frameworks can be easily integrated into Yii framework without any kind of hang-up.

Code Generation Made Automatic: Yii comes with an array of useful tools which are of great help for the developers to generate code more easily and quickly.

Unit & Functionality Test: On a Yii based framework, unit and functionality test can be executed with much of ease.

Complete Documentation: Yii offers a neat and detailed documentation of every single property and procedure.

Yii framework offers enhanced security and speed. It is engineered to be available as an open source technology. The flexible and rich feature set help the developers create more innovative applications on Yii platform.