Must-have benefits of web development on Zend PHP Framework

By Infinium On October 4, 2013

Zend is one of the most flexible and versatile PHP frameworks being used for website development. With a pack of PHP 5 and other smart features, Zend has raised the bar of quality for web development to a new high. It has become a favorite of web developers for its super compatibility with Web 2.0. Corporate friendly licensing and technically precise code base are the upsides of Zend PHP development.

There are object-oriented components in the Zend PHP library. Interdependence of Zend PHP components is much less than that of others. Minimal interdependence ensures lots of ease in developing customized web apps on Zend framework.

Zend framework, because of its compatibility with Web 2.0, is secure and protected. The security of apps developed using Zend PHP is unquestionable. The MVC framework is integrated to Zend PHP. It separates technical complexity to keep the user interface simple and easy. That is why Zend is the right technology for developing user-friendly web apps.

Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, IBM DB2 and some other database as well as systems are supported on Zend PHP framework which provides access to numerous components. Use Zend_Auth to identify a user as an authentic one. Zend_Acl is better use to restrict or deny a user’s access to the resources. Zend_Feed helps with the reading of RSS feeds. Zend_Form is the right component to help you create forms.

The object oriented framework makes it possible to extend the components of Zend PHP and customize them as well. With ZF, the web and app developers are able to use special variations of some specific components, and that too without accessing codebase. Easy and efficient customization of Zend Framework makes it easy to create unique functionality for your projects.

Having absolute control on the Zend Framework codebase, businesses can be sure of their right to intellectual property security. Evidently, Zend Framework is the right choice for developing enterprise-level secure web solutions for businesses, large and small.

Zend PHP development services at Infinium Softech promise you the required web development with integration of all the above-mentioned features, and the features specified by you. We excel in developing scalable, flexible and multifarious applications using Zend PHP framework for any business.