Why iPhone Is a Good Platform to Develop Applications

By Infinium On November 30, 2013

Since the arrival of iOS6, there has been an overwhelming increase in the number of iPhone users. The users who already own iPhone 4 are quickly getting software upgrade to the latest versions – obviously to stay aligned with the most advanced features. iPhone has always been most popular with the users as well as developers.

Considering surging popularity of iPhone, the professionals have developed thousands of applications. A common question often asked by the customers is why they should choose iPhone as a platform for customizable application development. Here are a few reasons to meet their queries.

iPhone Rocks: You know there are several smartphones in the market but iPhone is unarguably the king of all. More than 8milion sets of iPhone have already flown off the shelves in showrooms and the trend has not slowed down. If you are a businessman, iPhone is a wonderful option to make and market your specific applications which can present your online venture in a better way to your clients worldwide.

SDK Feature: SDK is a wonderful feature available with iPhone. This is easy to download and allows you to develop and market your customizable applications on the Apple App Store. This kit provides you with all the necessary toolkits to create iPhone compatible applications. And if you are not a pro in developing apps, there are several companies working in this niche, which will be ready and happy to give you a hand.

iPhone Apps Popular: There are multipurpose uses of iPhone apps. These can be used to surf the internet perform important tasks and even have some fun. iphone is not just a phone, it has more to offer, most of which will be a big miss on other handsets. Given its widespread popularity, it won’t be wrong to say that iPhone has become a part and parcel of customers’ life and this number is high on rise.

However, as a user, you should be aware of the restrictions as imposed by Apple in regards to development and running of applications. Here are those restrictions that you must keep in mind before considering iPhone application development.

  • The most important restriction as put down by Apple is the users are not allowed to run two applications simultaneously.
  • iPhone does not allow you to run any third party application in the background.
  • Compatibility issues regarding iOS version surface up sometimes. If you have developed an application on a particular iOS version, you should put in some extra effort so that it can run on other iOS versions as well.