Database Managment with Mysql, Sqllite, PostgreSQL& MongoDB

Database Management

Maximize business value with intelligent structured database management.
Analyze, Manage, and Migrate Structured Data Intelligently


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Seamless access to information from database servers facilitates performance and efficiency of businesses in the technologically challenging environment of today. At Infinium Infotech, we optimize the business-critical database servers of organizations to ensure instant, safe access to information through optimum solutions. We are equally competent in database design, database scalability, database management, database optimization, and database administration.

Consistent competition and evolution of technology has made it easier for businesses to make the most of sensitive data for maximum returns. But, robust, reliable and fool-proof solutions are required to streamline and secure access to information in alignment with ever-evolving technological trends. Hire our database experts to get the database administration and management solutions as per your requirements. At Infinium Infotech, our database development experts strive to improve the service quality with regards to the following database servers.


MySQL, an open source SQL database, is compatible and compliant with Microsoft Windows, UNIX, Linux, Mac OS, and others. We at Infinium Infotech implement the latest version of MySQL database as a turnkey solution to help you save on maintenance and support costs. Our MySQL database comes with multi-user server support for businesses with high-level IT architecture. Through MySQL database integration, we make sure to streamline operational efficiencies, secure vital data and bring down operational costs. Our certified MySQL architects precisely meet the database-critical needs of businesses.


PostgreSQL is a business-critical web hosting database that supports secure storage of website user information. It is compatible with different web programming languages including PHP. PostgreSQL does not impose any licensing cost, a relief from the cost of over-deployment for license compliance. We at Infinium Infotech provide niche-specific PostgreSQL solutions to facilitate wide-scale deployment without the need of auditing. Our PostgreSQL solutions pack in all the features and require much lower maintenance. It efficiently supports high-activity web operations.


MongoDB is a document-oriented open source database with high-level scalability and agility. It is compatible with all verticals used to deploy innovative applications for improved customer experience. MongoDB’s flexible data structure is adaptable to changes with reduced complexity. Our MongoDB solutions at Infinium Infotech help to minimize the number of database requests. Our MongoDB architects streamline content management and delivery in real time, facilitate upgrading of mobile & social infrastructure, and provide user data management solutions.


SQLite is an open source software library which does not require configuration. SQLite is the most commonly deployed database engine without service and with its own source code. It is compatible with individual applications and devices for efficient local data storage in a secure environment. SQLite is an all-in-one solution packing in such features as efficiency, economy, independence, simplicity and reliability. Our SQLite solutions at Infinium Infotech facilitate scalability and centralization of business-critical data. No administration is required for SQLite.

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