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Open Source

Wide range of popular Open Source CMS, eCommerce, Web 2.0 application customization
and custom development using LAMP platform for rapid and cost effective setup.


Open Source Development

Infinium Infotech is the place where the best of Open Source technologies is promised for your online business requirements. We have learnt, embraced and deployed Open Source technology to develop robust, secure, precise, advanced solutions for the business-critical needs of your brands, services or online stores. We have tracked the evolution of Open Source technology and developed our service models accordingly. Go through the rest to understand why we are the best partner for you.

Open Source CMS

These days, websites are immensely interactive in design and content. With Web 2.0 technology in the framework, websites are a complete multimedia package consisting of interactive interface, graphics, video content, and PDF materials. Content Management System streamlines the publishing, editing, modification and management of content with a single-key access to the dashboard. Content Management System powered by open source technology is a high-performing platform for much interactive content. Our Open Source CMS solutions deliver high-quality, technically accurate end results in a quick fashion.

Open Source Social Media

Social Media is the real-time media with exposure to the globe. It has taken online marketing and promotion to new heights. Social media helps to go viral, increase brand value of businesses, identify potential markets, reach out to prospects and generate stats. It is an all-in-one open source marketing tool. Based on in-depth market research, we at Infinium Infotech build open source social media marketing campaigns for product promotion and brand development. Our open source social media solutions are designed to meet your business requirements and ROI goals.

Open Source e-Commerce

With more and more businesses going online, the e-commerce market is evolving to reach higher levels of competition. More powerful editions of open source e-commerce CMS are being developed to build more interactive, flexible, robust and user-friendly virtual stores. At Infinium Infotech, we work with open source ecommerce technologies to develop advanced online stores. We make sure that our e-store applications and virtual stores go beyond your business expectations.

At Infinium Infotech, we guarantee the benefits of Open Source Development

  • Open Source technology is robust and reliable. It has proven to wok precisely even under strenuous conditions.
  • Open Source development helps businesses save on overheads since Open Source echnologies do not have licensing costs.
  • Open Source technology is an ever evolving one as it is evident from consistent evolution of WordPress.
  • Open Source technology is secure. As it is an open source technology, its security is also being improved.
  • Deployment of Open Source technology into application development and services is very fast.

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