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Partnership with Infinium

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Partnership with Infinium

Infinium Softech is looking to enter partnership with businesses in the web and mobile application development niche. Collaborative work on projects is the principal purpose of the supposed partnership. The IT industry of India is growing by leaps and bound, thereby multiplying the number of opportunities for offshore software development companies in the country. The proposed partnership with potential IT service providers in the software development and mobile application is aimed to grab these opportunities.

With small businesses going online, e-learning becoming popular, online security growing into a concern, e-commerce getting competitive and mobile Internet being the latest craze, the global IT industry has an increasing demand for more interactive websites, more powerful applications and more precise software. At Infinium Softech, we are seeking partnership with businesses on the similar line to take up the challenge of working efficiently on more and more projects in parallel with the demand.

We have designed the partnership program with a view to ensuring mutual growth and profitability for Infinium Softech and its prospective partners. Business expansion, technological development, innovation drive, quality improvement, delivery model upgradation and operational excellence are some of the defined goals of the partnership on this front. We will support our partners with the latest tools and technology, knowledge and expertise if required.

Why partnership with Infinium Softech

  • We have a huge client base incorporating individuals, professionals and organizations from across geographies.
  • We have transparent partnership policy and follow fair business ethics to ensure long-term business relationship and complete reliability.
  • We have the required software development infrastructure which we keep upgrading implementing the latest technology.
  • Consult partners on projects and work with them together on projects to develop the best product with superlative quality for clients.
  • We are a growing team of web designers, web developers, project analysts and quality analysts.
  • We have a treasure of knowledge, expertise and experience that we would like to share with our partners depending on project types.
  • We take care of the business objectives and goals of our partners, and align our goals with theirs at the same time.

Feel free to get in touch with us and know more about our partnership plans as well as models.

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