Project Execution Approachl

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Project Execution Approach

A project development methodology is more or less the same for every software development project. Each part or point of the methodology is a unique approach to the overall development. At Infinium Technology, the project execution technique is professional in level and advanced in quality. The technique comprises of a few vital steps which are defined and detailed below:


Project analysis is a most critical phase of web or software development project execution. The better a project is analyzed, the better it is executed. The analysis report serves as the base of the entire execution. The client’s requirements, the project goals, the future scope of the project, the available resources, the required skills, the required tools, the available technology, the investment, the pricing and the time span are the subjects of analysis at this phase. Project analysts in cooperation with project managers perform this task ensuring attention to details. Risks and challenges, associated with the project, are analyzed too.


Once the delivery deadline is fixed up based on the project analysis report, the project plan is chalked out. Planning is a critical requirement to decide on the mode and methodology of executing the project. The better is the planning; the more efficient is the project execution. Of the several web or software development models such as Agile Model, Spiral Model, Iterative Model and Waterfall Model, the most suitable one is selected in keeping with the complexity level of the project. According to the plan, the tasks at different phases of the execution are allocated to the development team, divided into different units. If needed, a special team is built of professionals having the technological skills required for the project.


Project execution is the most crucial phase which demands for attention and dedication on part of developers. The selected project development model is deployed in this process. With continuous flow of the project execution phases, the methodology is followed to the point. Once a unit of the team is done with the development part assigned to it, the project is passed to the next unit for the next part of the development. The project manager leading the team acts a project coordinator too. He ensures precise coordination among the units of the team to get the project executed timely as it as planned. This phase is also referred to as construction. Quality project management plays instrumental in it.


This is the pre-delivery phase of the project execution cycle. The developed project is tested against a set of quality parameters before delivery. Testing is conducted through the application of a cutting-edge technology. The functionality of each component of the developed project is tested on multiple various levels. Then, the inter-functionality of the integrated components of the software is checked through integration testing. If any functional or technical issue is noticed, it is resolved to ensure the precision and accuracy of the software.

Acceptance and delivery

If the outcome is positive on completion of the testing process, the developed software is deployed as a beta version to be used by key users. The client is the chief user. Based on the user experience, it is determined if the software needs further development. Then, the user documentation is prepared defining the functionality of each of the components integrated to the framework. The documentation helps with the seamless installation, use and maintenance of the software. The project cycle comes to an end, and the end-product is delivered finally.

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