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WaxedFeet is for BUY & SELL SURFBOARDS. Have you ever gone through an entire surf shop trying to find that specific board?

WaxedFeet makes it easy to find surfboards by bringing surf shops and personal sellers together. Free, Paid and Shop are three types of accounts which users can create in Waxedfeet. Paid user will purchase one year package and Shop user will pay different package based on requirements. All three users able to Buy and Sell Surfboard based on package. Paid User able to create a post watch, so any surfboard not available based on requirements then paid user will create a postwatch so, when surfboard are added for those matched specifications then system will automatcally inform paid user regarding newly added surfboad via E-mail and internal messaging. Surfshop users will be able to create a customize url and be able to send the promotional deal to their users.

Technology Used: Zend and MySQL as database


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